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FUSION Bonding Liquid
This liquid is a solvent that is designed to bond 2 pieces of the same material together giving a seamless crystal clear joint, with a very fast finishing time, meaning you can fabricate Perspex and Polycarbonate joint together in seconds now. We sell this in 2 sizes:- 500ml and 100ml And also the applicator bottle with needle for easy apply.
Low Modulous Silicone
We stock a low mobulous clear silicone which can be used for bonding Perspex sheets, plain or reverse printed to walls. This products has a low grab and will not distort or pull ink from perspex after curing.
£5 per tube
exc. vat
500ml £17
exc. vat
100ml £4
exc. vat
exc. vat
Applicator Bottle / Needle
Aluminium Stand-Offs
We currently only stock 2 popular sizes of these:- 19mm Dia with 25mm Stand 13mm Dia with 19mm Stand Both types in Satin Silver
13mm only 80p
exc. vat
19mm only £1.40
exc. vat
Great Price
Anti Static Cleaner
500ml Trigger spray bottles Removes static from your sheets and stops dirt getting attracted to the surface, just spray onto the surface and wipe off with a soft towell.
500ml only £10
exc. vat