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Perspex® Fluorescent sports a vivid, fluorescent edge which appears to glow under ambient light as though having its own light source. A popular choice for designers and fabricators, it is available in a wide range of colours, PERSPEX® Fluorescent creates a striking effect for any display.
Also available as Fluorescent anti-reflective which sports the same vivid edge and is available in the same range of colours. However, the AR variant also has a matt finish on both sides to provide anti-reflective properties.
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Key Features
Wide Colour Range
Fluorescent Edge after Laser or Polish
High gloss surface or Double Matt
Exceptionally hard wearing
Weather resistant
Easily fabricated
Point of purchase
Designer Furniture
Forming and fabrication
Thicknesses Available
Colours Available
  • Helios Yellow - a fresh sunny yellow
  • Lava Orange – a warm glowing orange
  • Mars Red – a bright, intense red
  • Acid Green - a strong sharp green
  • Neptune Blue - a deep vivid blue
Standard of the shelf sheet size is 3050 x 2030mm.
We offer a cut-to-size service on all Perspex Products.

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