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Extruded acrylic mirror, at half the weight and five times the impact strength of plate glass mirror, offers all the benefits without the associated risk of breakage.

The durability of the FABBACK back-coating makes Plaskolite mirrored sheet virtually scratch-resistant during fabrication processes.
FABBACK is a mirrored acrylic product made from Plaskolite’s OPTIX continuously processed acrylic sheet. Using a process of vacuum metalizing, sheets are given a mirror finish that is protected by the industry's toughest protective back-coating.

Please note that this is an acrylic product and there will be some distortion if used as a large sheet.
Key Features
High Gloss Surface
Indoor Use only (short term exterior)
Easily fabricated, inc and laser cutable

A grey paint backing on all our mirrored sheet products.  This backing is the most durable, toughest, scratch-resistant backing in the acrylic mirror industry.
Point of purchase
Forming and fabrication
Thicknesses Available
3mm and 5mm silver in stock
2440x1220mm full sheet size
mirror printed
Standard of the shelf sheet size is 2440x1220mm
We offer a cut-to-size service.

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