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Perspex Clear

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Thicknesses Available

2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm

6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm 15mm, 20mm, 25mm

Thicknesses Available

3mm and 5mm

Others to order

Thicknesses Available

3mm and 5mm

Others to order

Thicknesses Available

3mm and 5mm

Transmitting 92% of all visible light

no other product offers better light

transmission – not even glass. Add

to this its excellent resistance to

outdoor weathering (we guarantee

that no significant change in visual

appearance or physical perform-

ance will take place during thirty

years outdoors), its high tensile

strength and rigidity, light weight

and good resistance to impact

(Perspex® acrylic is only half the

weight of traditional float glass and

five times as strong), it is easy to

see why Perspex® Clear is the

product of choice for applications

requiring critical visual performance

and durability.

Other key properties of Perspex®

Clear include:

A high gloss, hard surface –

Perspex® acrylic is one of the

hardest thermoplastics and re-

mains aesthetically attractive for

much longer than any other plastic

sheet products

Safety – Perspex® acrylic is inter-

nationally recognized as a safety

glazing material meeting the re-

quirements of ANSI Z.97 and BS


Easy to clean – the high gloss sur-

face of Perspex® acrylic makes it

easy to clean, keeping mainten-

ance costs to a minimum

Easily thermoformable – Perspex®

acrylic is easy to thermoform with

low cost tooling, leading to cost ef-

fective production

Excellent environmental credentials

– Perspex® acrylic is an efficiently

produced, non-toxic pure material

with a long service life

Perspex® colours are available in

solid or opaque, translucent and

transparent options. While no light

will pass through an opaque colour,

light passes through a transparent

colour undistorted, enabling us to

clearly distinguish objects. In con-

trast, translucent colours are par-

tially transparent permitting the

passage of light without enabling

us to distinguish the colour of ob-

jects seen through them.

Perspex® Opal comes in a wide

range of white tones, where a white

colour palette is required or more

specifically, for light box


The range of light transmission

through the opal sheet, up to 70%,

receives maximum haze and sub-

sequently offers the maximum light

diffraction. This in turn, creates the

desired lighting effect for any


Multiple Opal finishes available

from stock – perfect for any applic-

ation and light transmission


Perspex® Fluorescent

The fluorescent edge effect is one

of THE most popular choices of de-

signers and fabricators who want

their ideas to catch the eye.

Perspex® Fluorescent combines a

delicate transparent tinted sheet

with a striking fluorescent edge per-

fect for interior signs, POS displays

and in-store retail media.

And because its physical properties

are identical to normal Perspex®

Cast Acrylic sheet, the Perspex®

Fluorescent range is easy to shape

and fabricate, making the most

complex and intricate designs eas-

ily achievable.

Perspex® Fluorescent is available

in a range of five colours, either as

a double sided gloss or a double

sided anti-reflective finish; each de-

signed to make your ideas stand

out from the crowd: