Polypropylene Cladding

polypropylene sheet
Some examples of what a cladded wall will look like
Polypropylene cladding sheets come in 2440x1220x3mm thick and are solid white, they are designed for strength and also easy clean, and are ideal for use in areas that need constant cleaning, i.e.. Clean rooms, Food prep areas, Toilet areas, Chip Shops and Van Linings.
We can also supply plastic rivets that are specially designed for this product where you simply drill a hole and insert the rivet and tap in with a hammer.

We can also supply a range of joining strips and corner angles for the extra special finish.
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High impact thermoplastic drive rivets
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External 90 degree angle, available in 25mm and 50mm
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Internal 90 degree angle, available in 25mm
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Jointing Strip